Mindfulness Studies

The practice of mindfulness is a huge and growing phenomenon, but unfortunately very little research has been done into this major new adaption of Buddhist practice in North America.  My book Mindful America is the best source for my analysis of the mindfulness movement, but additionally I have produced a number of short essays or lectures that are easily accessible to the general public.  I’ve collected links to a number of them, in the hope that they can further inform readers about various facets of the encounter between Buddhist meditation and North American culture.  I’ve also gathered select media interviews or articles by others that help unpack my research:

Mindful Sex (Oxford University Press Blog)

From Monastery to Marketplace (Tricycle: The Buddhist Review)

Mindfulness: From Sacred Buddhist Practice to Billion-Dollar Industry (radio interview with Interfaith Voices)

4 Myths About Mindfulness Meditation (CNN)

Mindful America (podcast interview with The Secular Buddhist Podcast)

Hide the Religion, Feature the Science: 60 Minutes Drops the Ball on Mindfulness (Religion Dispatches)

The Jewish Roots of Mindfulness (by Michelle Goldberg, in The Tablet)

Mindfulness, Inc: Buddhist Practice Beyond Religion (Smith College lecture, via YouTube)

Seven Questions for Jeff Wilson (Sacred Matters)


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